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Vita‑D‑Chlor - Dechlorination Chemicals
Vita‑D‑Chlor is a more environmentally conscious method of dechlorination than traditional sulfur-based chemicals. Unlike sulfur-based compounds, Vita‑D‑Chlor is not toxic to humans or animals, nor does it deplete oxygen in treated water. Key benefits are enhanced environmental protection, operator safety and public acceptance. Vita‑D‑Chlor provides a safe and effective means of complying with EPA regulations for the dechlorination of water prior to flushing into streams, lakes and groundwater. A number of dechlorination equipment systems are available for use with Vita‑D‑Chlor to effectively and instantaneously remove chlorine without causing environmental problems.
Vita‑D‑Chlor Original is one of two granular Vita‑D‑Chlor products. It is completely soluble and can be accurately dosed by using a venturi device or metering pump, making it the most cost-effective Vita‑D‑Chlor product.
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Vita‑D‑Chlor Neutral has all of the dechlorination benefits of regular Vita‑D‑Chlor, plus a few more. It has four times the solubility and is pH neutral in all concentrations. Vita‑D‑Chlor Neutral can also be used to make a more highly concentrated feed solution than is possible with original Vita‑D‑Chlor.
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Vita‑D‑Chlor Tablets are most commonly utilized for hydrant flushings and are also well-suited for chlorine neutralization during line flushes or emergency main breaks. Vita‑D‑Chlor Tablets are fast-dissolving and can effectively treat a high volume of water over a short period of time.
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Developed for applications where a slower dissolving tablet is desired, Vita‑D‑Chlor Slo-Tabs dissolve at a rate that is about 7–10 times slower than our standard tablets and still use the same safe Vitamin C chemistry. Initially developed for auto-flushers, they are also well-suited for unmonitored flushings.
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