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  • Safe treatment for low chlorine levels
  • Dechlorination with hardware, tablet mats or tablet socks
  • Short-run flushings
  • Fast, simple application
  • Slow dissolving requirements

Vita-D-Chlor Tablets
Tablets offer simple and fast set up for treating potable water in dewatering and flushing applications. Tablets can be held in a 'sock' or 'mat' with pockets and then laid within the flow stream. They can also be used in a dechlorination device/diffuser where they offer fast, easy dechlorination at the hydrant. They are completely water soluble, leaving no residue behind. The dechlorination hardware on this website limits the volume of water that passes over the tablets, allowing them to dissolve slowly and dose a larger volume of water. Dissolve rate: approximately 2-3 grams per minute in a 5 gpm stream.
Active ingredient Ascorbic Acid
Quantity needed to neutralize 1ppm chlorine
1 tablet neutralizes 8,500 gallons with 1ppm chlorine
Weight 115g (4oz)
AppearanceWhite tablet with citrus odor
PackagingPlastic screw cap bottle and resealable plastic pail (airtight)
Shelf lifeUp to 3 years
Unit sizes6 tablets
5lb (about 20 tablets)
10lb (about 40 tablets)
35lb (about 140 tablets)
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