b'Romac deChlorinator Romac deChlorinatorThedeChlorinatordosesVitaDChlormoreaccurately than any tablet unit and saves money by using the granular VitaDChlor. The combination leads to lower cost after just three 55 pound pails of VitaDChor.The deChlorinator can correctlydechlorinatechlorinelevelsuptoandbeyond 100ppm. Easy to handle and solid by design, you can expect years of troublefree operation.The pail can be refilled with more VitaDChlor feed solution to keep the flushing going. A needle valve allows you to adjust the feed to minimize over dechlorination and maximize efficiency. The deChlorinator comes with connections and tubing, as well as chlorine test strips and a sample ofVitaDChlor.The whole package conveniently packs into the pail used for your feed solution. The deChlorinator is clearly a great value in dechlorination devices.BENEFITS & FEATURES CHLORINE LEVELS Dechlorinates full range of chlorine levels 0-200 ppm Utilizes NSF granular material forFLUSH RATElowestcost operations 175-900 gpm Durable construction, compact design SET-UP TIME Connects directly to hydrant or hose2-7 minutesextension WEIGHT10 1/2 lbRomac deChlorinator KitRomac deChlorinatorChlorine Test Strips VitaDChlor Neutral25 kgwww.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for hydrant flushing equipment 800.322.6646 11'