b'NEMA Wye Pumper Port FlushingDechlorinatehighvolumeflowsvia the pumper port by making use of a wye attachmentandtwoZDeChlorinator NEMA100 or NEMA200 units. Connect the 4 wye to the pumper port and attach each 2NEMAunit to the wye. For maximum flow with the NEMA100, remove the rock screen from the elbow prior to attaching. This wye can also be used with two Romac deChlorinators for accurate dechlorination during lengthy flows.Big Blue BoxWhatwefondlycall TheBigBlueBox isapopulardiffuserthatconnectstoa truck mount. Plans are in the works for an accessory that holds three tablet columns, eachcapableofholdingten VitaDChlor Tablets, allowing you to dechlorinate while connected to the pumper port. Contact us for more information and availability.Hydro-Hitch with Aqua-D-ChlorTheHydroHitchwithAquaDChlor isahitchmountedunitthatallowsfor dechlorinationwithVitaDChlorTablets. The unit has both a 5 Storz coupling and a 2.5 FNST coupling. An adjustable inner sleeve makes it possible to regulate the flow of water over the tablets, thereby increasing or decreasing their dissolve rate.12 www.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for hydrant flushing equipment 800.322.664612'