b'3 Pocket Tablet Mat Ma Mats & Sock ts & SockssDuring long flows, this 18 3pocket tablet mat is best used by alternating it with a second mat. A single mat holds 3 VitaDChlor Tablets, enough for most flows up to 500 gpm.6 Pocket Tablet StripThe 6pocket tablet strip measures 6 x 39 and is ideal for laying in the flow stream.24 Pocket Tablet MatMeasuring at 36 x 44, the 24pocket mat is excellent for laying over a grate, drain, or manhole.Snap BagThis32longsnapbag ishandyforloweringinto a vault or catch basin and iscapableofholding30 VitaDChlorTablets.24 Coarse SockSimple and inexpensive, thissockeasilyholds about a dozen tablets.24 Fine SockThe fine mesh version of the sock drasticallyslowsthetabletdissolve rate, as compared to the coarse mesh. www.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for hydrant flushing equipment 800.322.6646 1313'