b'Responsible Dechlorination Dechlorina Mats & SocktionsThe Clean Water Act of 1972 and the Water Quality Act of 1987 recognize the harmful effects of very low doses of chlorine to fish and wildlife. As a cheap, effective neutralizer of chlorine, sulfurbased chemicalsbecamewidelyusedinthetreatmentofwaterbeing releasedtotheenvironment.Butsulfurbasedchemicalshave adverse effectssuch as depleting oxygen levels in waterwhich can be more detrimental to the environment than discharging of the chlorinated water itself. While sulfite chemicals are still widely used for dechlorination in treatment plants where all aspects of the process can be monitored and controlled, when it comes to field dechlorinationwherewaterisreleasedtoreceivingstreamsand wetlands with minimal control, there is a better way.VitaDChlor is a Vitamin Cbased line of dechlorination products that is safe for neutralizing chlorine in water that is being released into the environment. All of the products in the VitaDChlor line are 100% organic and provide a safe, rapid and complete method of dechlorination. These products completely neutralize both chlorine and chloramines, are environmentally and operationally safe, and are ideal for field dechlorination where treatment must be safe and immediate.The granular forms of VitaDChlor can be mixed into a solution and fed into the flow stream of chlorinated water. As the feed solution disperses across the flow stream, the chlorine is neutralized. Feed solutions of VitaDChlor Original or VitaDChlor Neutral can also be added to contained water, such as a water truck or reservoir. Just one gram of either product will neutralize 1 ppm (mg/L) of chlorine in 100 gallons of water.While utilizing the same safe chemistry that the name VitaDChlor isknownfor,VitaDChlorTabletsfitinallthecommontablet dechlorination devices. VitaDChlor Tablets are most commonly used for field dechlorination. Shortrun dechlorination can be quickly and easily set up, making the process fast and saving valuable operator time. VitaDChlor SloTabs are an excellent choice for on demand and unsupervised water discharge requiring dechlorination, such as autoflushers and reservoir overflows.Whether they are placed in the water flow using mats or socks, dissolved using a device hooked up to the discharge, or engineered intoaspecialtyapplication,VitaDChlorproductsarethe environmentally correct choice.www.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for hydrant flushing equipment 800.322.6646 1513'