b'ORIGINAL & NEUTRALIntroduced nearly 20 years ago, VitaDChloris the original Vitamin Cbased dechlorination product. Safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional sulfitebased chemicals, VitaDChlorproductsprovideanimmediatereactionandcompletelyneutralize bothchlorineandchloramines. Today,VitaDChlorremainstheleaderinresponsible dechlorination of water being discharged directly to the environment.VitaDChlor Original and VitaDChlor Neutral are both NSF certified for the treatment of drinking water. NSF certification provides the regulatory assurances that many utilities require of all water treatment chemicals they use. Completely soluble and 100% organic, these two granular forms are easily dissolved in water to make a feed solution, which can be injected into the water flow with a venturi device, a metering pump or via manual application under the right circumstances.SPECIFICATIONSFormEasily dissolving fine granulesQualityNSF certified to Standard 60Unit Sizes2.5 kg (5.5 lb)12 kg (26.5 lb)25 kg (55 lb)Works with the following liquid feed equipment: Romac deChlorinator, metering pump, H2O Neutralizer, Bazooka liquid feed device, Mazzei Pipeline Dechlorinator, custom drip setup, Baker Chemical Injector (BCI), Five Star Multidirectional Hydrant DiffuserVita-D-Chlor Original Vita-D-Chlor Neutral Active ingredientAscorbic AcidActive ingredientSodium Ascorbate Perfect for dechlorination with a Highly soluble for concentrations of up venturi or metering pump to 50% (4lbs per gallon) Easy to dissolve for concentrations up Great for treatment of high chlorine to 10% (1lb per gallon) levels because it remains pH neutralSafe treatment of potable water by(pH 7) at all concentrationsbeing pH neutral at concentrations of Safest option when dechlorinating 510 ppm, noticeable drop in pH atusing liquid feedsconcentrations above 100 ppmOne pound is capable of neutralizingOne pound is capable of neutralizing1 ppm of chlorine in 45,000 gallons of 1 ppm of chlorine in 45,000 gallons ofwaterwater2 www.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for Vita-D-Chlor 800.322.6646'