b'TABLET & SLO-TABVitaDChlorTabletsweredevelopedshortlyafterthegranularforms.Increasing regulations escalated the demand for environmentally safe methods of dechlorination during hydrant flushing. Creative operators began engineering devices that could be used to diffuse the water and dechlorinate it with tablets at the same time. These devices take advantage of the benefits that VitaDChlor Tablets offer as compared to granularease of handling and a slower dissolve rate. Completely soluble and 100% organic, VitaDChlor Tablets are simple to use and work well with many of the devices in the expanding market of tablet dechlorination diffusers.LikeallVitaDChlorVitaDChlorSloTabsare100%organic.Theyare products, formulated to dissolve significantly slower than the original VitaDChlor Tablets. SloTabs work well both for autoflushers, where longerlasting tablets are needed, and for higher flow applications, where slower dosing is desired.Tablets can also be used in highvolume reservoir overflow devices, protecting the environment from chlorinated water.SPECIFICATIONSFormWhite tablet with a citrus odorSize2 5/8 diameter and 1 thickWeight115 g (about 4 oz)Unit Sizes6 tablets5 lb (approx. 20 tablets)10 lb (approx. 40 tablets)35 lb (approx. 140 tablets)Suitable for use with the following equipment:ZDeChlorinator NEMA devices, LPD250, HydroHitch/AquaDChlor, mats, socks, autoflushers, Bazooka tablet feed device, Dechlor Demon, PVC tablet feeders, Tideflex DOSAVita-D-Chlor Tablets Vita-D-Chlor Slo-Tabs Active ingredientAscorbic AcidActive ingredientAscorbic Acid One tablet is capable of neutralizing 1 One tablet is capable of neutralizing ppm chlorine in 8,500 gallons of water 1 ppm of chlorine in 7,500 gallons ofDissolve rate is about 23 grams perwaterminute in a flow of approximately Dissolve rate is about 0.250.5 grams 5gallons per minute per minute in a flow of approximatelyIdeal for most hydrant flushing devices5gallons per minuteand applicationsExcellent for most autoflushing applicationswww.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for Vita-D-Chlor 800.322.6646 3'