b'NEMA-100 NEMA-100ZDe-ChlorinatorZDeChlorinatorisoneofthenewest brandsofdechlorinationequipmentand the NEMA100 is the most versatile of their devices. This multifaceted unit offers process flexibility to the operator. The NEMA100 is equipped with a detachable elbow on the 2 MNST threaded discharge end, giving the operator the ability to attach otheraccessoriesBENEFITS & FEATURES such as a diffuser,a hose to direct the flow, or a NEMA500 pitot. On its own, the NEMA100 Fast, easy setup with simple tablet holds up to four VitaDChlor Tablets, whichdechlorinationis generally adequate for 30 minutes or more Compact and lightweight at just under of flushing. But if longer flushing times are12 poundsrequired, an extension tube can be attached, Suitable for most hydrant flushingsproviding capacity for 10 additional tablets. Can dechlorinate lower flows around The elbow diverter has a debris screen, which200gpmcanbeeasilyremovedtoallowmaximum flowfromthehydrantandforreallyhigh Removable screen for maximum flowflowrequirements,twoNEMA100scan Brass 2.5 FNST swivel for fast connection beattachedtoawyeaccessoryofftheto hydrant or hosepumper port.Weighing only 12 pounds, the 2MNST outlet accepts a multitude of NEMA100 is efficient and easy to maneuver.attachments (pitot, hose, diffuser, etc)Its versatility, ease of use and low price make theNEMA100thenewleaderinhydrant flushing devices.CHLORINE LEVELS0-4 ppmFLUSH RATE200-900+ gpmNEMA-100 Accessories SET-UP TIME1-3 minutesWEIGHT12 lbNEMA400 DiffuserNEMA500 Pitot4 FNST Wye for attaching twoTablet extension tubeNEMA100s off the pumper port VitaDChlor Tablets4 www.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for hydrant flushing equipment 800.322.6646'