b'NEMA-200 NEMA-200 ZDe-ChlorinatorTheNEMA200isanallinclusive dechlorinating diffuser that simply works. Roughly the size of a twoslice toaster and weighing just a little more than a gallon of milk, the NEMA200s compact size and simplicity of operation are attributes that appealtoaprofessional. TheNEMA200 ispossiblytheeasiestdechlorination diffuser to set up and use. Like all NEMA units, the NEMA200 is made in the USA BENEFITS & FEATURES of highquality aluminum, making it bothFast, easy setup with simple tabletextremelydurableandespeciallylight. dechlorination The NEMA200 can go from one hydrantDurable onepiece construction tothenext,dechlorinatingthepotable water with each flush, requiring minimalHolds up to 4 tablets, dissolving 1 tablet atsetup time and causing less stress to the a time for maximum efficiency operator. This lightweight, reliable tool forSuitable for most hydrant flushings routine hydrant flushings is priced so youBrass 2.5 FNST swivel for fast connectioncan equip each truck with one, just like the to hydrant or hose other ZDeChlorinator products. Only 10 pounds with tablets installedCHLORINE LEVELS0-4 ppmFLUSH RATE200-900+ gpm ZDeChlorinator is available with either a SET-UP TIME removable elbow or permanent diffuser.1-3 minutesWEIGHT NEMA-200 Accessories9 lb4 FNST Wye for attaching twoVitaDChlor Tablets Tablet extension tubeNEMA200s off the pumper portwww.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for hydrant flushing equipment 800.322.6646 5'