b'NEMA-200BZDe-ChlorinatorNearly small enough to put on your tool belt,theNEMA200Bisthebabyofthe ZDeChlorinator line.Like the NEMA200, it creates a showerstyle discharge. At a mere 5pounds, this is a giant in its class. The NEMA200Bhasa2FNSTswivelbrass attachmentforfasttwistonconnection tothehydrant.Fullyloadedwiththree VitaDChlor Tablets,thislittlepowerhouse candechlorinatethoselowerflowsof 150200gpmwith12ppmchlorinefor 30minutesormore.Forlongerflushings, add the appropriate extension tube for anBENEFITS & FEATURESadditional 10 tablet capacity. Our lightest dechlorination diffuser at CHLORINE LEVELS 5 pounds0-4 ppmFast, easy setup with simple tablet FLUSH RATE dechlorination150-750+ gpmSuitable for most hydrant flushingsSET-UP TIMECan dechlorinate lower flows around 150 gpm1-3 minutesRemovable screen for maximum flowWEIGHTBrass 2.5 FNST swivel for fast 5 1/2 lb connection to hydrant or hoseNEMA-200C Thislittledechlorinatorhas2.5female pipethreadsonbothendssoitcanbe installed inline, with standard piping, to a system which requires dechlorination. These devices have been exceptionally popular for handlingbackwashwateroffcommercial poolsandsmallfiltrationsystems.Users frequently add the available extension tube to provide an additional 10 tablet capacity.6 www.Vita-D-Chlor.com Shop now for hydrant flushing equipment 800.322.6646'