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You can count on us to be your partner for all of your dechlorination questions, needs and concerns. Whether you are performing something as simple as a hydrant flush, tank draining project or something more complex, like a new main install with super chlorinated water. Our technical support is here to help make the process easier!

Have a question? Send us an email at info@Vita-D-Chlor.com.
Safety Data Sheets
To get a copy of our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Vita-D-Chlor products.  Learn more >>
Have a question? Visit our FAQ page.   Learn more >>
Pros & Cons
Summary of the pros and cons of Vita-D-Chlor versus sulfates, sulfites, bisulfites, metabisulfities, thiosulfates.   Learn more >>
Dechlorination Strategies
AWWARF The AWWARF guidance manual summarizes the state of the art of dechlorination, provides a sample 'Fly Sheet' for quick reference for operationally focused management staff and operators, and recommends future work required to develop Best Management Practices (BMPs) for each dechlorination activity.   Learn more >>
Resource Guide
For a complete product brochure visit our Resource Guide   Learn more >>
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